“To take ordinary gardens and transform them into something amazing has been my passion for many years. I love to create beautiful spaces that are welcoming, relaxing and inviting. I can help you to achieve your goals and dreams by doing what I know and love.”

-Christine Dodd, Horticulturist

Christine’s love of nature came from spending weekends in the Aussie Bush as a child and going on family camping trips to various National Parks around NSW. It wasn’t until many years later when she needed to create a privacy screen for the front of her home that she absolutely fell in love with plants and the whole process of creating gardens.

That was back in 2001 and since then she hasn’t stopped developing her knowledge and experience with plants and gardens. She has provided countless garden makeovers for her family and friends over the years while juggling a demanding career as a primary teacher and looking after her own children.

As often happens, a family crisis caused Christine to reassess her life and truly follow her dreams. As she cared for her Dad who was unable to walk or speak due to an horrific stroke, she dedicated any spare time she had to learning from experts and experimenting in her own gardens. During those years, Christine achieved qualifications in Horticulture and started her own business.


Now Suzi, Alicia, Justin and Abi join Christine to form a dynamic and passionate team who help people achieve their goals. Together they are a trusted group of talented horticulturists and industry professionals. Christine and her team provide exceptional service and exceptionally beautiful outdoor spaces.

We want to be able to offer you every service you may need in preparing your home for sale. We have sourced some of the best in the business to help with your specific requirements. With a customized package, we can include:

  • window cleaning
  • arborist tree services
  • lawns and edging
  • pool cleaning
  • indoor plants and flower arrangements


Let’s face it, most people are busy! Throw in selling a home to the mix and life can become pretty overwhelming pretty quickly. To get interest in your home, it has to look good from the outside. However, not everyone has the time, the capability or knows what to do to create a memorable first impression. By providing stunning and affordable front yard makeovers we help people who need to reduce stress in their selling campaign and who need to get the best possible sale price for their property.

What people experience at the front of the property will always set their expectations for what they will get once they walk through the front door’,

Richard Armstrong, Melbourne’s The Makeover Group



Book your FREE 20 minute consultation. We assess your site and consider how to best showcase your front yard.



You will receive an easy to read proposal with our quote.



We complete your front yard makeover involving gardens, high pressure cleaning and exterior staging.



You will receive 3-5 maintenance sessions. We will ensure these visits work in with photo sessions and open house inspections.

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