Well, in times like these, we all need a place where we can escape and dream. Our little team has been so lucky that we’ve had the chance to escape, even if only for a few hours at a time, to Dream Gardens.

Our passion is helping people achieve beautiful gardens and front yards when they are selling. We also love to help people create, maintain, improve and enjoy their own Dream Gardens.

About a year ago, Sarah Jane asked us to help manage her gardens as her land was becoming taken over by weeds. Sarah Jane and her husband Luke had planned and planted amazing gardens at their property at Morpeth with the help of a landscape architect. Hundreds of Leptospermum, Lomandra, Lemon Myrtle, Davidson’s Plums and Finger Limes were planted, and truckloads of mulch delivered. The combination of heat and rain were fantastic for the plants, but also encouraged healthy growth of every weed you could imagine!

We started by visiting every few weeks with a team of horticulturists, gardeners and enthusiastic weeders. We took one zone at a time and focused on removing weeds, mulching with forest mulch, adding fertilizers and soft mulch to the bases of feature plants and creating trenches to divide the grass from the garden.

Great progress was being made. We used tonnes and tonnes of forest mulch on the garden beds. This was not only suppressing future weeds, it was providing significant improvement to the soil. As the mulch breaks down, it encourages worms and microbial activity. Our aim was to get the gardens to a level where they could be pretty much self-sustaining.

Like so many properties during this past Summer, lack of rain and extreme heat took it’s toll on the gardens. It seemed that almost overnight, thousands of plants died from lack of water. We arrived at the property one hot, dry day in January and were absolutely shocked to see drifts of brown, lifeless plants. It felt like there was no coming back from this.

We couldn’t allow Sarah Jane look at that view every time she came home, so we pruned like we’ve never pruned before! We cut back many of the Leptospermums and pulled out the dead sections of the Lomandra. There was certainly patches that were bare, but it was so much better than it had been before.

Remarkably, along with the pruning, watering, application of wetting agents, rock minerals and organic fertilizers, the garden slowly started to come back to life.

We’ve been back quite a few times since then and some decent rain has absolutely transformed the gardens. What a roller coaster project it has been! I’m so grateful to Sarah Jane and Luke for this opportunity and this project has reinforced what an incredible team we have.

We are one a mission to make the world a better place, one Dream garden at a time. If you have a Dream garden that you need help with, we know just the team to help!


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