Exterior Staging

Have you spent money and time on preparing your home for sale and have run out of ideas and energy for improving the exterior of your home? If you know that beautiful outdoor living areas will increase the value of your home but you’re not sure where to start, then we can help.

Exterior Staging is an exciting, new concept in Newcastle and the Hunter and is the innovation of Street Appeal Garden Solutions. We believe it will give sellers the edge when trying to attract attention in a crowded market.

We all know the value of staging on the inside of homes for sale to make them look more inviting, welcoming and appealing. What Street Appeal Garden Solutions is doing differently, is offering Exterior Staging. We are dressing up the outside of your property, using beautiful furnishings, pots and plants to create wonderful, luxurious and inviting outdoor living spaces so when people view your property, they can really see the potential of YOUR HOME.

Our aim is to showcase the exterior of your house in the best way possible.

We like to use what you already have and enhance the overall presentation. We have a range of settings, furnishings, pots and plants that can be hired to compliment the style of your home and create fabulous outdoor living spaces. We want to help you get the best presentation for your home, so you can get the best price.

If you were to purchase new items for your outdoor living areas, it could cost a fortune and then you are left with purchases that may not suit your new home. We know how to best set the scene, transforming your exteriors in a way that appeals to just about everyone. 

You pay a hire fee which is a fraction of the cost of purchasing yourself. Not to mention the time taken to create the perfect outdoor settings!

There is so much to do and consider when preparing your home for sale. We understand the stress, the time and the cost involved. We know how to make things easier for you, by doing what we love.

Get the first impression right and the rest just flows!

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