Garden Maintenance


Get the best out of your garden

Once you have beautifully revived gardens or a stunning new garden, it is very important that they are well maintained.

There are lots of tips in our blog articles, but if you would like our help, we will save you time and give you peace of mind.

Garden maintenance visits include…

  • weed management
  • pruning for health, shape, flowers and function
  • tidying up plants by removing dead plant matter for health and appeal
  • watering and fertilizing
  • soil conditioning with compost and manures
  • pest management

We are also very happy to look after your lawns and keep your paths clear.

Included in the cost of our maintenance visits are products and materials such as weed control mixtures, fertilizers, soil conditioners and organic pest control mixtures. We know exactly what to use and when to use it in order to provide optimum health and beauty for your gardens.

Garden maintenance visits are offered exclusively to customers who have had gardens revived or planted by Street Appeal Garden Solutions.

We can work together and be flexible with timing or we can schedule regular visits. Either way, you don’t have to worry about organising visits. We will ensure your gardens are well looked after and thrive for years to come!

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