Kim’s Deluxe Pre-Sale Makeover

Sold for $45,000 above asking price!

Kim valued outstanding home presentation. However, she became overwhelmed with all she had to do to get her home ‘sale ready’. She didn’t really know where to start with the gardens and outside areas, so she asked Street Appeal Garden Solutions to help.

We did what we do best. We revived her gardens, high pressure cleaned hard surfaces, staged outside living areas and maintained it all during the selling campaign.

The total cost to Kim for the entire makeover package, was $2,634.00.

Before-An uninspiring front entrance

Kim had 20 couples visit for the first open home, many remarking how beautiful the gardens and outside living areas were. Not only did we save Kim many hours of hard work and stress, we helped her make money on her property. The outstanding presentation of Kim’s home was reflected on the inside and outside enabling her selling campaign to be an outrageous success. Her home sold for $45,000 above the asking price and a whopping $223,000 above the median price for her location.

“Such a pleasure to work with you, Chris. You are very professional and you work so hard to achieve the best result. Not only has this been good for my selling campaign, it has been good for my soul.”   Kim, Elermore Vale.

After-A luxurious outdoor living space

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