Tamara’s Front Yard and Garden Revival

Outdoor sanctuary for less than $500!

Tamara stopped spending time in her own back yard as all she could see were the jobs that needed doing. She had loved her front and back gardens but no longer had the ability to care for them the way she had in the past.

Firstly, Tamara asked us to create an outdoor ‘sanctuary’. She needed a place where she could relax, enjoy the sunshine and feel at peace. Weeds needed to be removed, plants needed to be pruned and relocated, paths needed to be cleared. We used the furniture she already had and just added some beautiful plants and a comfortable outdoor lounge.

Tamara’s budget was limited, so we wanted to make the most of what she already had. The total backyard transformation cost less than $500.

Tamara now has a functional and beautiful space that will enhance the quality of her life for many years to come.

Before-weeds and clutter

After-Tamara’s outdoor ‘sanctuary’.

After- A space to be proud of and enjoy.

Tamara was so thrilled with her backyard, she asked us to tidy up the front yard. We addressed the weed issues, transplanted precious plants, added mulch and provided a much greater sense of balance and harmony. To keep the costs down, we worked only with what she had-there was no need to introduce new plants.

Before-Overgrown, weedy front yard

After-Tidy and balanced

Tamara’s front yard was full of gorgeous surprises that could now be seen and have the chance to thrive. Her whole house now looks so much more fresh and inviting and Tamara can enjoy a beautiful home on the inside and outside.

Maximising outdoor living areas

Colour, style and interest

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