Kaaron’s Premier Pre-Sale Makeover

Sold for $50,000 above local median price!

Before-A once grand entrance covered in weeds and grime

Kaaron’s garden was being strangled by weeds! Not only did she have this problem, but she was completely overwhelmed by all she needed to do to get her home ‘sale-ready’.

So Kaaron asked us to help. We weeded, carefully pruned, shaped her hedges, transplanted and mulched. Within a few days, Street Appeal Garden Solutions recreated the beautiful gardens she had enjoyed years before.

A spectacular sandstone stairway was revealed after some powerful high-pressure cleaning and for the first time in years, the paths were free of mould and grime.

Kaaron’s front yard was transformed from the worst to the best in the street in less than one week. The presentation was faultless and the gardens were breathtaking, encouraging confidence for potential buyers.

Kaaron’s makeover cost just over $1000. She sold her home at auction for at least $10,000-$15,000 more than if she had done nothing with her front yard. Her property sold quickly and for $50,000 above the median price for 4 bedroom properties in her suburb.

It was wonderful to help Kaaron achieve such a fabulous outcome enabling her to move confidently to the next chapter of her life.

A spectacular entrance to this property

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