If you are selling your home, you want the best price. Too many home owners waste time and money on projects that really don’t bring in the return they are after when selling. This is especially true when it comes to the exterior of the home.

Kim had established gardens and healthy plants. The yards just needed some tidying, the garden beds needed weeding and plants needed pruning. However, Kim was told by a real estate agent that she should tear out her garden beds and start again with a more modern look. She and her late husband had worked on the gardens for years. To be told that the gardens needed to be completely replaced was gut wrenching. Instead of following this advice, she contacted us to see if we could help.

We could clearly see exactly what needed to be done to provide outstanding presentation and appeal for the exterior of her home. We spent time improving the look and health of the gardens, pressure cleaning hard surfaces and providing exterior staging. We used some of Kim’s furniture and pots, combined it with our settings, furnishings and plants to create luxurious, inviting living areas. The exterior staging demonstrated the outdoor living potential of Kim’s home.

Kim’s home in Elermore Vale sold for $45,000 above the asking price and $223,000 above the median price for her location. Take a look at this video to see how Kim felt and what Peter Aloupis from Green Street Property thought about her exterior transformation.

Christine is a Horticulturist and founder of Street Appeal Garden Solutions.

If you need help with preparing your yards and gardens for sale, contact Christine via the contact page.

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